Why Glutes May Be the Most Important Muscle to Train

236298311668558690_uJ9TYnnK_bUnfortunately most people (women and men) have weak gluteal muscles. We sit too much and these muscles become overstretched and de-conditioned. This causes lack of strength, back pain, and poor posture.

Why do we need to work our Glutes?
1) Gluteal Muscles are responsible for giving us a great countour. The gluteals are a team of three muscles:

  1. Gluteus Maximus
  2. Gluteus Medius
  3. Gluteus Minimus.

When these muscles are trained from various angles and with enough weight, amazing things can happen. Of course you need a proper diet to lower body fat so you can see the results. If you are a runner, make sure to train your glutes. Otherwise, they will look flat!

2) Strong gluteals help prevent back pain
Undeveloped gluteals not only leave us with a flat saggy butt, it also contributes to back pain. As I tell my Pilates students, the gluteals are actually a part of your CORE muscles. This means that your glutes form a foundation of support for the your entire upper body. And when that foundation is weak, everything else starts to topple.

3) Exercising the gluteal muscles give you instant energy
Whenever you’re experiencing an energy slump, you’ll find that if you invest just 5 minutes in firing up the gluteals with some body weight squat, you will be instantly invigorated and ready to get back in the game. That is because the glutes, as they are such large muscle group and challenging them places a big demand on the circulatory system so you will get a surge of oxygen through your body in response. That means more energy

4) And because of that, gluteal muscle density burns calories at a premium
When you engage these big muscles in exercise you dip into calorie stores in one of the most effective ways possible. That’s because actually WORKING muscle is what creates a boost in the metabolic rate – not just having muscles. 
Developing gluteal muscle density and working these muscles creates a win – win situation. And of course, just having more muscles in general creates a higher metabolic rate.

So, how do we work them?

At least two times per week. Three is even better! Working you glutes will NOT give you a big butt. Sitting too much and eating junk will give you a big, flabby, droopy butt.
Training your glutes and eating well will give you a great shape, good posture, and turn you into a calorie burning machine!
And if you compete in Bodybuilding, Physique,Figure, or Bikini, make sure to squat. It is said that the show is won from behind!

5 thoughts on “Why Glutes May Be the Most Important Muscle to Train

  1. Its so funny I actually LOVE doing legs and glutes. I just feel like I’m burning so much more than when I only do arms (although I know that’s important too.) Love your article. Thanks.

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